For capturing the entire screen, just press the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard, and PicPick opens with the image of the screen. While several professional commercial tools are also available, you could start with PicPick, as there is also a free version for home users. Installing PicPick in Windows has many other advantages. For example you can easy crop a captured image or to add marking arrows, effects, annotations on the image. The PC will capture the screenshot of the area on the clipboard.

The software scans outdated drivers and asks if you want to update. At any time, you can Disconnect AirPods from Windows 10 computer by going to “Bluetooth & Other devices” Settings on your computer. If the update agent says you have the best driver installed, check your PC manufacturer’s website for new driver updates.

Solution 5. How to Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode from a Black/Blank Screen

Now, depending on what part of the screen you want to capture, click on that icon and use your mouse cursor to draw out a pattern around the object/window to capture it. After this, you can paste the captured screenshot into Paint using either the right-click and Paste functionality or hitting the Ctrl+Vshortcut. The Snipping Tool also has some editing options, if you wish to add any highlights or use a drawing tool on your image, for example. The “Delay” button allows you to select a period of time (1-5 seconds) between the time that you select “New” and the time that the capture mode actually begins. This allows you time to use your mouse navigate to the area you want to capture without it actually capturing whatever you click on. In Windows 10, you can take screenshots in a couple of different ways.

There are several ways to restart a computer, but the safest way is to soft reboot. This process uses the computer’s own software to shut down the entire system, allowing all processes to terminate before the computer’s hard drive is fully erased. You can perform a soft reboot from the main menu, or by simply shutting down your computer and pressing the power button again to restart it.

Easiest Way to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10: ‘Windows + Print Screen’ Shortcut

USBs are incredibly accessible, given the fact that almost every computer has a USB port that you can use to connect external devices. It’s the easiest and most streamlined method of installing an operating system. Nowadays, you can create a bootable USB to install various versions of Windows. If you’ve already got your bootable USB ready — simply jump to the “How to Install Windows using Bootable USB” section and set your new copy of Windows up in a matter of minutes.

Can I Use DiskPart Clean Command to Clean C Drive?

It is not as easy to reach as the direct shortcuts, but may be worth a try if you use a digital pen on the device. Screenshots are automatically copied to the Clipboard, but also loaded in the Snipping Tool interface for basic editing options. You can also press “Alt + Print Screen” if you want to capture a specific window that is active on your screen. It is almost similar to Photoshop and provides all the essential features that you can expect inside a pro photo editing tool. The best part is, it is completely free of cost. Click on the capture and then on the camera icon to grab a full-screen screenshot on your device.

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